Beatty & Miller, P.C. West Des Moines, Iowa
Beatty & Miller, P.C. West Des Moines, Iowa

West Des Moines Non-Probate Administration Lawyers

For many people, probate is a necessary process that must be experienced in order to wrap up the final affairs of an estate. However, some people may be able to avoid the probate process. Beatty & Miller, P.C., can analyze your specific situation after the death of a family member and advise you on the possibility of transferring property, assets and ownership through non-probate administration.

Beneficiary designation is one component that will need to be considered when deciding if transfer of ownership can occur through non-probate administration. Contact an Altoona beneficiary designation lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

We May Be Able to Use Non-Probate Methods

We are West Des Moines non-probate administration attorneys who have been practicing law together since 1986. With our vast knowledge we can efficiently explore if non-probate options exist. Whenever possible, we strive to simplify and extradite the administration process.

Beneficiary Designation

Non-probate assets that were owned by the decedent can pass by operation of law or by beneficiary designation. If you are the beneficiary of assets, we will work with you to ensure the assets or benefits are paid to you.

Unsure If You Are Dealing With Probate or Non-Probate Assets?

Talk to our attorneys. We can help you figure out if it is possible to avoid probate.

Contact an Altoona Beneficiary Designation Attorney

If you would like more information or to schedule a consultation regarding our non-probate administration practice, contact us online or call 515-225-1100.